For the degradation of organic sludge – bio-dregging of ponds, canals, rivers, lakes, ports, harbours and lagoons.

BIO-VASE brings many benefits:

  • On-site digestion of the organic part of sludge, and increase water heights.
  • Improve the biological, physical & chemical quality of the water.
  • Easy to implement and does not damage the area around treated water surfaces.
  • Long-lasting effect on treatment while products and pollution are present.

A specific BIO-VASE can also be adapted to the following organic pollution depending of their concentrations in the environment:

Hydrocarbons, Petroleum derivatives,Tensioactives, Dioxins, Organic sulphurs, Nitrogen, Fats, Cellulose, PCBs, Phenol, Cresol, Chloro-phenol, Cyanides and Halogens.

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