About Idrabel

Since 1997, IDRABEL is a European biotechnology company, which develops and supplies products to treat all industrial and municipal organic pollution in water.

With more than 100 references in areas as diverse as sewage networks, lakes, canals, food, paper and petro-chemical industries, our technical team has a long-standing experience working in collaboration with our customers to design specific solutions to reach concrete and measurable results.

Our main product ranges being, BIO-COL, BIO-EPUR and BIO-VASE offer a turnkey solution to waste water treatment.

BIO-COL: Treatment of all municipal waste water & sewage, the sewer networks and collectors

BIO-VASE: Degradation of organic sludge, bio-dregging of ponds, canals, rivers, lakes, ports, harbours and lagoons.

BIO-EPUR: Treatment of all municipal and industrial waste water treatment plant

The benefits of the Biofixation are:

  • to have a high percentage of micro-organisms reactivated
  • to protect the micro-organisms in highly polluted environment
  • to boost their growth
  • to improve efficiency
  • to re-establish a viable ecosystem
  • to offer a multiple set of micro-organisms adapted to specific needs